Conservatory of Flowers
  • Conservatory of Flowers

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    What makes people, places, and experiences memorable? For a college project, my classmate and I analyzed the concept of memories looking into what helps us remember. We explored the idea of documentation and displays. We tested this theory by visiting the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco to see what sticked. During our visit, she captured some photos while my curious eye gleamed over everything. Afterwards, we decided on creating a collage. She provided the images and I created the assemblage, mixing both our experiences together into one visual form. Even though we gathered different memories from the same space, combining them together helped us remember things we didn't notice before. This piece encompasses our different lived experiences combined into a moment in time we shared together. Sharing is what sparks memory. 


    - Photo Collage (Original Artwork) 

    - Dimensions: 12"W x 9"L (no frame)


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