F@#! Luck Sticker

Originally this was a gift and tattoo idea for a friend, but it took a life of its own putting a spin on lucky charms. This piece embodies my opinion that luck doesn't bring success its the work, determination, and passion put into it. A little luck doesn't hurt, but lets be real.   


- Sticker

- Printed on thick durable vinyl

- Weatherproof (to wind, rain, snow, and sunlight)

- Dishwasher safe

- Scratch resistant  

- Dimensions: 2"W x 2.71"L


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  • Art History

    The history behind the lucky cat manek-neko, meaning "beckoning cat" originates from Japan, first appearing during the Edo Period (1603-1868). One of many folktales depicts a "struggling shop owner that takes in a stray cat despite barely having enough to feed himself. In gratitude, the cat sits in the front of the store beckoning customers, thus bringing prosperity as a reward to the charitable proprietor. Resulting in "beckoning cat" becoming a symbol of good luck for small business owners."


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