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    Dedicated to my high school art teacher, Mrs. Kasahara who "fed my creative juices" by always encouraging me to experiment in my art. She was like a cool grandma covered in tattoos, listened to opera, loved bird watching, and had a silly personality. I hope she can provide you with the same inspiration she gave me.  


    - Intaglio Print (Original Artwork) 
    - Printed on acid-free, thick, off-white paper
    - Dimensions: 10"W x 12"L


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    • Art History + Process

      Intaglio is one of the oldest forms of printmaking dating back to the late 1430s founded in Europe. The process includes drawing or painting and image on a copper or zinc plate with oil-based materials, acid treatment, series of washing, applying ink, and rolling through a press. Each print is inked and rolled through the press each time. 


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