Justice League Gone Wild
  • Justice League Gone Wild

    As a kid I watched many cartoons, one of them was the Justice League. After binge watching episodes, I randomly wanted to know what spirit animal each character would be. In addition I added action comic phrases. Hence the Justice League Gone Wild! 


    Hawk Girl = Hawk Girl
    Green Lantern = Green Lanturtle
    Wonder Woman = Wonder Eagle
    Batman = Bat bat
    Superman = Superape
    Flash = Chetash

    Martian Man Hunter = Martian Lizard Hunter


    If your as big of a nerd as me, get this fan favorite art to show off to the rest of your nerdy friends!


    - Acrylic Painting (Original Artwork)

    - Acrylic on canvas paper
    - Set of 7
    - Dimensions: 8"W x 10"L (each)


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