Snakes in the Garden
  • Snakes in the Garden

    Dedicated to my ongoing journey of growth and self-love. Inspired by artist Torii Kotondo and the music collaboration of Nicotine and Sol Galeano:


    "A Few Words from Sol (Interlude)"


    You stood at the door of their temple.

    You believed in the heart of their god.

    You come from a lineage of women who force themselves to forget


    Keep your heart guarded.

    Young girl there are snakes in the garden,

    that will force you to run.

    I can only imagine how many pieces of yourself,

    your still trying to put together.

    I can only imagine how many pieces of yourself,

    you have given away.

    You isolate yourself in the name of solitude,

    knowing that with proper care,

    you will truly blossom

    one day.


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